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1. Please select the type of Information to Search: (1) Name of Company/Business, Unified Business No. or Factory Registration No. 、 (2) Address. 、 (3)Name of Company Representative. 、 (4) Cross Domain Information.

2. To find businesses, please input one keyword category such as the Unified Business No., the name of company/business in Chinese, the name of the foreign company/business in English, or the address in Chinese.

3. To find factories, please input one keyword category such as the Factory Registration No., the Factory Establishment License Case No., the name of factory in Chinese, the Unified Business No. of the related company/business, or the location of the factory in Chinese.

4. When using IE browser, it is recommended to use version 11.0 and above. Please remove or disable compatibility view.  Please click here for IE compatibility view settings procedure.

5. In general, input conditions should be in Chinese, except for digits and for registered foreign company names in English.

6. When using Google browser,it default blocks pop-up window. Please move the mouse to the top right and click the icon to show pop-up window.

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